This 1930s locomotive is the last of its kind – watch it prove it's still got it

She may be nearly a century old - but after painstakingly careful restoration, this Canadian Pacific Railway CP 2816 Empress is back on the tracks.
It's a magnificent sight, seeing this 1930s locomotive steaming its way through the mountains after being retired in 1964. The restoration is thanks to the Canadian Pacific Railways, who began rebuilding her from engine to wheels back in 1998.
Today, after a two-year restoration, the stunning piece of machinery is as good as new. Back in her heyday, this CP 2816 Empress could travel up to 70 miles per hour thanks to more than 4,700 horsepower.
In the video below, you can see the rare high-powered passenger locomotive zoom past Lake Louise, a jaw-dropping amount of steam billowing behind her as she chugs along. Back in the day, the locomotive pulled passengers back and forth between Winnipeg and Calgary.
Miraculously, this CP 2816 Empress is the only survivor of the "Hudson" locomotives built by the Montreal Locomotive Works back in the 1930s. This fact alone makes this video of the incredible train a rare and beautiful sight. Be sure to check it out here below!
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