The DT-30 VITYAZ extreme amphibious off-road machine

Take a look at this video of the DT-30 Vityaz all-terrain tracked carrier, made in Russia for the Soviet Republic in the 1980s. This transport monster is fully amphibious! Whether it’s used on earth, water, or sand, this machine is built to traverse the impassable areas of the world successfully.
It’s amazing enough to see this vehicle trudging steadily and unfailingly over rough, muddy, hilly terrain - but the real shock comes at the 2:13 mark, where you will see it SWIM in water. It is propelled by its tracks in a way that keeps its operator and cargo load safely dry.
The machine weighs about 30 tons, and throws out 710 horsepower. Despite its size, it causes very little ground pressure, and as such it is able to traverse land mines without detonating them. According to Military Today, the prototype for the DT-30 was first manufactured in 1981, and small-scale production began in 1982. This model is no longer made today, and not even one has ever been sold outside of Russia, but it surely is a great feat of engineering.
Take a look at the informative and interesting video on the DT-30 below, and SHARE if you are a fan of cool military machinery.
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