Watch 'the Monster' shred anything that gets thrown at it like it's tissue paper

Wow! Watch SSI’s amazing Mega Monster Shredder chow down effortlessly on a refrigerator, a sofa bed, and a giant tractor tire! This behemoth shredder stands 15 imposing feet tall, weighs in at an impressive 30 tons, and operates at an incredible 800 horsepower. You definitely don’t want to stand too close when this bad boy works up an appetite.
Super shredders like SSI’s Mega Monster smash, crush, shred, and destroy anything that falls into their jaws, all in a day’s work. At SSI, wild-eyed engineers and steady-handed master tradesman construct these monster machines to destroy the indestructible, including hard drives, cell phones, appliances, cars, boats, and even the odd amusement park.
SSI constructs industrial shredders, tailored on demand for the most rigorous environments. They routinely cut through things other shredders only dream of. These custom designed shredders are a feat of engineering marvel, including one special $1 million model taller than a house, weighing 50 tons, and outfitted with dozens of huge blades that chew through its own weight on a daily basis. Businesses depend on the unique shredders SSI can provide to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If these machines fail for even one day, it can cost a company millions of dollars.
SSI’s technicians have yet to meet the challenge they are willing to back away from, which has established their reputation as the go-to team for jobs that are dangerous, hardcore, or just plain insane! They have experience shredding hazardous chemicals, highly combustible materials, dangerous acids, and the toughest metals in the world.
See this Mega Monster in action in the video below, and SHARE if you’re a fan of super shredders!
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