1969 Camaro RS/SS gets started up for the first time in 3 decades

If you like seeing old cars that have been neglected getting a new lease on life, check out this video of a 1969 Camaro RS/SS that has seen better days. The mechanic had to work hard to get this Camaro up and running again after it had sat in the previous owner’s backyard for over 28 years!
As you might expect, 28 years of neglect can take its toll on a car, and there’s significant rust and rot throughout. The engine block was cracked because water was left to freeze in it. The poor Camaro isn’t even sporting its original engine, which was likely a 350 block with a 289 crankshaft. Now it has a 327 small block engine.
After removing the interior and performing a lot of sandblasting, the rust is removed and the car begins to look a little like its former self. The 1969 Camaro model was designed to be sportier than the 1968.
With new door skins, rear quarter panels, and inset headlights, the 1969 Camaro appeared more aggressive, lower, and wider. In addition, four-wheel disc brakes with four-piston calipers became optional for racing enthusiasts.
Inside, the 1969 model was also updated from the previous year, according to Camaros.org. The 1969 model moved the ignition switch from the dash to the steering column. Also, the interior wood grain pattern was changed from walnut to rosewood.
Although without the original 302 engine this ’69 Camaro will never be worth as much as it could have, it’s still great to see the car out on the road again instead of rusting in a backyard. Check out the video to see some of the work that’s gone into restoring it, and SHARE if you are a fan.