Camera struggles to keep up with ferocious motor in insane chase – watch it dominate the city

When fantasizing about driving a supercar like the Maserati GranTurismo, it's natural to imagine yourself behind the wheel, helmet on, and a smooth curved race track ahead. With a controlled setting, a supercar might be able to reach its top speed – but you lose out on the grit of what this masterpiece of a machine can do in the real world.
While there's plenty of footage out there of Formula 1 drivers pushing supercars to the limits, it's scenes like this one – where the GranTurismo weaves in and out of city lanes, engine roaring against the buildings, and revving the engine at the red light – that show the real fun you can have behind the wheel showing one of these things off.
The GranTurismo was built for speed – but of course, its Italian designers made it look incredible while doing so. The body, designed by the premier design house Pininfarina, gave the supercar its sleek and aerodynamic frame. The GranTurismo also boasts Maserati's very own 405 HP 4.2 litre V8 engine that emits a tiger-like growl at low revs, and a piercing scream with increased power and speed.
A highlight of this video is also the fact that the supercar is a Granturismo MC Stradale – the top of the line for the model. This car is exquisitely outfitted in Maserati's best technology and features, and the engineering behind it makes it a car that wins races around the globe.
Check out the video below to see, and hear one of these beauties in action.
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