It's rare to see one of these out of the garage, but watch what its driver does when he hits the gas

It's rare to see a Ferrari Enzo out on the road because only 400 were ever made. When this car was put on the market in 2002, it was an incredible example of Formula 1 technology – and today, its roaring engine is a testament to that and the craftsmanship that goes into these cars.
The Enzo not only features a carbon-fiber and aluminum honeycomb chassis, it's also equipped with one of the most sophisticated aerodynamic bodies of the time. Ferrari says the downforce created by this car, with the help of Formula 1 technology, was 775 kg at 300 kilometers per hour (that translates to 1700 lbs at 186 miles per hour).
In the video below, YouTuber and auto journalist Marchettino takes the Enzo for a thrilling ride through the hills. The engine roars as the car glides through hairpin turns and down winding roads. Marchettino borrowed the famous car for the test drive and review, saying this Enzo was particularly extraordinary because the supercar is painted a rare color and was finished in Argento Nürburgring.
Be sure to check out the video below to experience the thrilling ride. It might be closest you ever get to driving one yourself.
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