This antique 1937 Caterpillar bulldozer is still running!

The old girl runs again! She may be rusty, and she may be old, but she’s still ticking. In this video, you can see an antique bulldozer roar to life with minimal effort.
Machinery enthusiasts will love watching a 1937 Caterpillar RD7 bulldozer moving earth like she always has done. Slow but unstoppable, watch as the iron behemoth tools around the field, proving that quality equipment really lasts.
Tom and Dan push start the bulldozer with another tractor. This bulldozer has a non-functioning pony motor which, when working, would normally engage the larger 4-cylinder 13.6-liter diesel engine that does all the work, according to Tractor Data.
Manufactured at the end of The Great Depression, these machines were mostly purchased by large contractors and the United States Government, according to the Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club. The huge public works projects of the New Deal required something stronger than a few teams of horses; they needed heavy equipment like the Caterpillar RD7 bulldozer.
Built in Peoria, Illinois, these bulldozers were among the first of their kind, helping Caterpillar step away from their agricultural roots. Originally, Caterpillar only manufactured the tractors, while other companies made the implements that turned these machines into the bulldozers we recognize today.
Children and adults alike will enjoy watching a piece of our past come to life. Come take a look! SHARE if you’re a fan.

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