A peek at the Wärtsilä 14RT-flex96C, the most powerful engine in the world

Check out this video of the most powerful engine in the world. This thing is something else!
Built in Finland, the Wärtsilä 14RT-flex96C is the most powerful diesel engine in use on the planet! It has 14 huge cylinders working hard to produce 80,080 (107,390 hp) KW of power. That’s enough power to support a whole town.
Weighing in at over 2000 tons, the Wärtsilä 14RT-flex96C is 44 feet in height and 90 foot wide. Now that’s a tall engine. See how small the workers seem in comparison to the crankshaft!
Even though each huge cylinder creates 5,720 kW of energy, this engine is efficient and doesn’t release too much pollution into the atmosphere.
You may be asking yourself what kind of vehicle would a behemoth like this power, then here’s your answer. In 2006, it was planted on the cargo ship Emma Mærsk, which is tasked with carrying 20-foot shipping containers – 11,000 of them at a time, according to ZME Science. When an engine can propel such a cargo ship through the water at speeds of 27 knots, you know you have to build the world’s most powerful engine!
See it in all its glory in the video below, and SHARE if you’re a fan.
For an idea of the sound and size of this giant, watch the video below of a Wärtsilä 12RTA96C running at 70rpm.
Resources ZME Science and Mike Troost

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