This 1968 Charger Mopar with supercharged small block V8 sounds incredible

This blown 1968 Charger sounds absolutely incredible – listen to the exhaust note that even the most diehard import fan can’t help but appreciate. Tremble in its wake!
With a fully kitted out interior and exterior, this well-built and lovingly restored classic packs the performance under the hood to match its bad-ass race-inspired looks. The roots type blower sticking out like some ferociously aggressive hood ornament, proudly proclaiming that the car residing under its powerful bulk is not something to be messed with.
The built and supercharged small block V8, with 360 cubic inches of displacement (5.9L magnum) makes this much more powerful than the car’s stock engine. The throaty and menacing exhaust note serves as a reminder of the horsepower just waiting to be unleashed at the press of a pedal.
According to AllPar, the Dodge Charger was a hit in 1968. Thanks to its new “Coke Bottle” look and an aircraft-style cockpit that captured the imagination and put performance at the forefront, the second-generation Charger was an instant success.
With the tips of a dual exhaust system peeking out of the rear end and a smiling driver behind the wheel, this beast is simply awaiting instruction, ready at a moment’s notice to break loose, get sideways and roar away.
This bad-ass car has embraced the dark side. Turn up your speakers and watch this video below for your daily dose of muscle car heaven.
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