Watch how this cool 1946 engine was restored to its former glory in time-lapse video

Hot rodders and classic car enthusiasts enjoy the spoils of owning a classic vehicle with an original engine, but often they forget to spare a thought for the thousands of hours that can go into the refurbishment and recovery of an original vintage or classic engine. With this epic time-lapse video from Hagerty, we can see all of the work that goes into the rebuild of a super Ford Flathead V-8 engine that has been puttering along since just after World War II.
The Flathead V-8 was a good choice for a restoration project; it’s coveted by hot rodders for its low cost and excellent reliability, and Ford was the company that first brought V-8s to a wider audience in 1932.
According to Hagerty, this particular truck was bought at a Hershey Swap Meet, and it actually ran without much issue for 4,000 miles before they decided to give it a full work up.
The whole project took six days, and the six-minute video you’re about to see condenses over 40,000 pictures taken of the immense amount of work involved. It’s a joy to see this old engine get the attention it deserves, and at the end of the day, she’s running better than new.
Sit back and enjoy the video in its entirety below, and SHARE if you’re a fan of skilled mechanics working on deserving old engines.
Resources Road and Track and Hagerty

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