Mustang and Tesla decide to race. Who do you think will win?

See all the action as a Tesla Model S goes head to head with Ford Mustang GT in the drag video below. SPOILER ALERT: the Mustang GT is the victor, but there may be more going on than the power of pure American muscle at this event, the 2016 Roadkill Nights by Dodge, in Pontiac Michigan.
The Tesla Model S is known to be the fastest electric ever sold in the US, and the P85D model with all-wheel drive is a formidable competitor in many circles. The top speed for the Tesla S and Mustang GT is rated at 155 mph and 154 mph respectively according to the Manufacturers' sites - nearly identical. However, time for 0-60 mph are 2.8 seconds and 4.3 seconds respectively, which should have indicated a heavy advantage for the Tesla S. Nevertheless, at Roadkill, the Mustang was able to best the Tesla, to the surprise of many.
The race took place on Woodward Ave, designated as a track for the legal street racing event at 2016 Roadkill, according to Torque News. The very slippery starting line area, prepped with a spray-on traction aid and on an uphill incline, created a disadvantage for the modified rear-wheel drive Mustang that should have helped the stock AWD Tesla. However, the driver of the Tesla was not able to make good use of the traction advantage.
The lane from which the Mustang GT launched was the more slippery of the two, and it also had a slight dip. Nonetheless, the Ford was ready, and on the green, had a quick and fantastic launch. The Tesla, on the other hand, seemed to hesitate for just a second, and then gently eased away from the starting line. By the time the Tesla driver really floored it, the Mustang GT had already eaten up too much ground for the Tesla to overtake him.
It bears noting that a stock Corvette Stingray beat the Mustang GT later in the day, further adding to the argument that had the Tesla driver been a little quicker getting out of the gate, the Tesla’s chances of victory would have been far greater. This video is less about bragging rights for the Mustang GT and more about the culpability of a bad driver in the Tesla’s loss.
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