Listen closely as the Deutz 545 engine fires up - It's mesmerizing

There's something magical about the sound that this Deutz RBV8M 545 Engine makes as it slowly gets started – it’s a mechanical, metallic symphony!
The engine sits in the M/S Empresa, a river barge most often seen on the river Rhine, one of the most important industrial river arteries in the world. This barge isn't designed to sail on the ocean, but with the sweet reverberations of its engine one doesn't need the sound of ocean waves to drift off.
The engine was born in 1963, created by the Deutz Company that has now been in operation for over 150 years, according to the official website. It's an interesting setup for engine fans - offering 1000 horsepower but running at a leisurely maximum of 380 RPM. The engine does surely have a turbo; you'll hear this in video when it hits higher revs. The manufacturer suggests this is used for a maximum of one hour to ensure the exhaust temperature doesn't ever exceed 400 degrees Celsius.
According to the owner, the engine runs at around 105 rpm when idle, and needs to be oiled every three hours. It's worth it for this fantastic sound, and if you keep the engine maintained well, it'll last forever.
Have a listen to this pleasing engine starting up, and SHARE if you find yourself dancing along to the beat.
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