Behold the 'Red Giant.' She shreds 200 tons per hour like it's nothing

Imagine a machine that could take a car, pick it up and totally destroy it by ripping it to shreds with very little effort. Now stop imagining - check out this video of the rip-roaring Hammel VB 950DK Car Shredder!
Dubbed “The Red Giant,” it was first unleashed to the public in 2012 at the CARS Expo where this monster showed its mettle by shredding cars whole. It looks like a giant meat grinder, but this isn’t a side of beef being torn to pieces, instead it’s a whole car. The best part for those with an appetite for destruction is that it does it super-fast – gobbling up two whole cars and several engine blocks in less than six minutes!
The Hammel VB 950DK Car Shredder, or The Red Giant for short, is a massive metal shredding beast. The Red Giant comes in three different varieties, and all three pack one heck of a punch.
The model featured in this video is the ‘DK’, which boasts a weight of 42 tons, according to Hammel. This beast is great for chomping up cars in no time at all but is also convenient for regular construction debris.
In fact, there is nothing on the planet that this monster machine would not consider a good snack. See it in action in the video below, and SHARE if you like it!
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