Peek under the hood of Super 1970 AMC Rebel Machine in red, white and blue

You have to see this fun episode of “My Car Story” featuring a very cool 1970 American Motors AMC Rebel with a 390 ci engine painted up in the original and very patriotic red, white and blue!
The owner of “The Machine” is Mickey Ziomkowski, and he brought the Rebel to the American Motors Owners Association International Convention in Rockford, IL on July 30. Mickey had obtained the car at the tender age of 17, having bought it used from a neighbor. He’s had it fully restored with original everything, with the exception of the Holley carb.
In the video below, the camera crew gets a close up look at the pristine interior, including the bare bones dash and roomy leather front bucket and backbench seats. The crew also gets a peek under the hood where we see an immaculate 340 hp 390 V-8 that purrs like a kitten, while the exhaust roars like a lion.
According to My Classic Garage, the high performance, inexpensive muscle car version of the Rebel produced in 1970 was known as “The Machine” and could be easily recognized by its colorful red, white, and blue trim. The original build was a 390ci V8 with 340 hp at 5,100 rpm with 430 lb-ft of torque at 3,500 rpm.
The transmission was a BorgWarner M22 4-speed manual with Hurst linkage. It had a wheelbase of 114”, an overall length of 199”, and weighed in 3,650 lbs. A survey of 1970 Rebel owners showed the vehicles to be exemplary with respect to complaints about workmanship or mechanical problems, of which there were few. They were considered exceptionally solidly built in their day.
1970 was the last year for the AMC Rebel. The model was restyled and renamed the Matador, but was ultimately retired in 1978.
Check out Mickey's Machine below, and SHARE if you like the AMC Rebel!
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