1969 Road Runner 440 Six Pack sounds so nasty

This 1969 fully-restored monster is a perfect example of why muscle car enthusiasts love their hobby. These guys took a super-straight ’69, stripped it all the way down to the bare metal and rebuilt the finish from the ground up. The result? A beast of a car that looks as good as it performs.
440 cubic inches of pure power rumble under the hood. With specialized rubber bed liner on the underside for sound suppression and protection against road debris, this Road Runner will easily outrun every coyote, no matter how “wily” they may be.
This particular Road Runner has four new disc brakes and an upgraded suspension. It now runs with a four-speed transmission.
According to My Classic Garage, the original 1969 Plymouth Road Runners all came with 383s or Hemi 426s. Then Plymouth released a mid-year option upgrading the engine to a 440 with 3 by 2 Holley carbs.
All these muscle cars came with an Air Grabber, hood pin and all the other bells and whistles that made this classic one of the most sought-after muscle cars to this day.
Check out this Road Runner in the video below ,now that the restoration is complete, and SHARE if you’re a Road Runner lover.
Resources My Classic Garage

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