See why the best feature of rare Starlight Black 1969 GTO Judge is under the hood

Rarity is important to muscle car fans; it’s exciting to see a unicorn out in the wild or to restore an exceptional vehicle that is now only talked of in tales. The 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge in perfect condition showcased in the video below is one such special find. After a frame off body complete restoration, it is just like it was when it left the factory. The paint job is immaculate.
In 1969, General Motors was mass-producing muscle cars, and the GTO was one of the most popular. Through Pontiac, in 1969 General Motors built 70,287 GTOs – not so rare, huh? On the other hand, they only produced 6,833 Judges, which makes it that much more special. Now, did you know that 76% of Judges were 4-speed cars? Only 1,563 Judges came with an automatic off the lot like this example, according to My Classic Garage.
What makes the car even rarer are all the options chosen that were not the norm back in the day. When The Judge was first introduced, they were made in a red-orange color. Starlight Black cars were made later, in very small numbers.
This Pontiac GTO has a Ram Air III 400ci engine under its impressive hood. The engine puts out 366 horsepower. Under the hood are some features that make the car perform, and look good doing it. By pressing a button, the driver can open the Ram Air vents in the hood to get more air to the engine. The tachometer is also housed in the hood, in the driver’s line of sight. As not all Judges had this feature from the factory, it is another reason why this GTO is a rare one, perhaps one of a kind.
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Resources My Classic Garage

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