Check out the supercharged 1968 Charger that shames all other custom builds

Get a load of a wickedly awesome custom 1968 Dodge Charger in action amidst the scenic backdrop of Sweden's beautiful countryside. There's plenty of open road for the Charger to flex its muscle and get its rumble on as it barely breaks a sweat eating up miles of a deserted two-lane blacktop.
The man behind this custom build, Johan Erikkson, explains what makes this car unique; it features many specially machined, custom, one-of-a-kind parts not available for purchase anywhere. Thousands of hours were spent in customizing this unparalleled feat of engineering that has been entered into classic car shows all over the world.
Some of the highlights of this custom build, according to Johan’s official website, include a modified JUST suspension, Torque flite A727 transmission, 20” INTRO wheels and a stainless 3” Ferrita exhaust with a specially made cut out. Brakes are 13” Wilwood disks. The ’68 Charger is painted in Gun Smoke Hilaric.
The interior is a redesigned version of the original in Alacantra and leather. Lots of the other details are specially made, with new aluminum and brass throughout the car, and a Pioneer sound system has been installed.
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