Innovative mower tackles terrain impassable to tractors – a 'pioneer' in landscaping

If you’re someone who likes a well-manicured lawn, well, maybe you wouldn’t be interested in this. But if obliterating all obstacles in rugged terrain with giant machines is your thing, then welcome to the world of Brielmaier! Witness lawn care and ground maintenance at its most extreme, as challenging landscapes are mowed down with aplomb through the power of the mighty Brielmaier machines. Steep mountainsides, highway slopes, grasslands and marshes are no match for the Brielmaier’s muscular lineup. Is it a mower? Is it a woodchipper? Whatever it is, it’s insane!
Brielmaier mowers are built with unparalleled quality and are rigorously tested for safety, efficiency, ground conservation and handling. The Motor Mower is their core machine and serves as the base for every Brielmaier configuration. Brielmaier mowers are designed with a low center of gravity for optimal handling, even on slopes. Each machine uses the same chassis, hub motor, hydraulics and operating unit. According to Brielmaier, The mowers feature a Kohler 4-stroke gas powered engine with infinitely variable drive, and are steered by a turntable handle on the handlebar. Mowers are easily maneuverable without physical effort.
The control center of Brielmaier mowers are located on the handlebar for convenience, and include an LED display panel that shows direction of travel, speed, speed level micro-adjustment, headlight and attached equipment. Optional equipment on Brielmaier mowers include studded roller wheels for improved grip and propulsion in even the most challenging terrain such as steep inclines, or rocky ground. For less demanding circumstances, rubber tires are available.
Sturdy Bidux double-knife cutter bars have a lifespan of 2-3 times that of standard cutters and are available in a wide variety of sizes from small to ultra-wide. Optional attachments include mulchers, hill rakes, snowplows, and more – whatever you need to beautify a golf course, tidy up a marsh, rake up a serious amount of hay or remove small trees and bushes from the base of a mountain.
High-risk difficult jobs, and mowing, raking in cultivating in places other mowers don’t stand a chance - you can count on the wicked machinery of Brielmaier to do the undoable while you barely break a sweat.
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