Take a peek at what legendary Chip Foose put under the hood of this 1965 Impala

For an incredible presentation of classic muscle car meeting American ingenuity, you’ve got to see the video of the 65 Impala “The Imposter” Foose Design, a 2015 Ridler Winner.
American auto designer Chip Foose’s astounding 65 Chevy Impala mod took home the 2015 Ridler Award at Autorama for a design that meshes a significantly redesigned Impala body with a 2008 Corvette frame and chassis. The hybrid Chevy bears a striking resemblance to the original 65 Impala, but upon closer inspection, you learn why it’s been dubbed “The Imposter.”
The Imposter is smaller than the original, due to a series of chops, sections, and other reductions that allow it to fit on a 2008 Corvette frame. Modifications include laying the windshield down and removing 14” in length from the rear quarter panels and deck lid. The work is seamless, and its new proportions flawless and sleek.
According to a behind the scenes video, Foose stripped the body of a 2008 Corvette, leaving the interior, electronics, and the muscular Vette’s 6.2-liter V-8 engine, to which Foose added a supercharger. The interior was restyled to create a 1960s vibe, but new technology like OnStar navigation and a kickin’ sound system have been added. The underhood detailing is off the charts, with the Vette’s wicked Stinger acting is a prime focal point.
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