See why everyone's talking about Airbagged Trailers

Check out this cool video demonstrating airbagged trailers, an innovative new trailer design inspired by the need to be able to load race cars that sit low to the ground without the use of ramps or the removal of bumpers.
If you’ve invested in a race car or any of today’s low-to-the-ground uber-expensive supercars, the last thing you want is the risk of any damage when you need to transport the car on a trailer. Airbagged trailers are designed to drop from a regular trailer height to flat to the ground, allowing for simple and safe loading of very low cars. A built-in airbag system means the tow is far smoother than a traditionally designed trailer, ensuring the car isn’t shaken and jostled around during transport. A built-in air system is able to inflate tires and operate tools while at the track, a big plus on the circuit.
The frame, suspension and brackets of the airbagged trailer are all 3D CAD modeled and optimized with stress analysis and rigorous testing. Trailers are equipped with 13” aluminum wheels and radial trailer tires, and a mounted matching spare is included as standard.
According to Airbagged Trailers, the dependable braking system is comprised of four-wheel Dexter Axled “E-Z Lube” hubs and electric brakes with breakaway brake system. The frame design is open center for easier tie down and access to the undercarriage, if needed. The air system features Twin Viair 480C compressors, battery, air tank and control switches, all mounted in a large, lockable aluminum toolbox. An extension hose is included as standard with the air system.
Air-bagged trailers have a load capacity of 4,000 lbs., load area that’s 18’ long/82” wide, an overall size of 23’ long/102” wide and gross vehicle weight rating of 6,700 lbs. Perfect for keeping your baby safe.
Check out this video below and share it if you know anyone with a Lambo that needs transporting.
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