Pontiac Fiero custom with a V-8 engine

The 1984 Pontiac Fiero was a fun sports car that broke all the rules of American manufacturers at the time. It was a bold and stylish mid-engine 2-door coupe that could be had for under $8,000 new. Now, how many of us have ever considered what a wee Pontiac Fiero would be like with a supercharged V-8 in it? 
For this custom, out went the original four-cylinder, and in went a 455 V-8. With custom paint, roll cage, bigger wheels and tires, this special 1984 Fiero is small but loaded with power, and certainly one of the coolest cars in the Suncoast Fiero Club of Tampa, Florida. 
According to Auto Evolution, the owner, Tracy, purchased the car back in 1989. When the original engine went bad, it was a good time to go custom. Toronado drivetrain, custom headlight modification, a gold paint scheme - there is no Fiero like it in the world. 
Out of the factory, the Fiero had pop-up headlights like the Firebirds and Corvettes that were produced then, but this custom car has more of a Ferrari look with its headlight custom job. The car is even street legal. This video from ScottieDTV takes you inside the little beast, around its wild exterior and lets you hear the power when the engine starts. The little Fiero with the blown V-8 is sure to impress.
Resources YouTube and Auto Evolution
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