Mike Christensen discusses the giant blower on his Camaro

What happens when you put a locomotive supercharger on a first-generation Camaro? Few men would even think of trying it, but we all know that Outlaw 10.5 tire racers are a special breed. Mike Christensen goes into detail in the video below on how he and his father got a hold of this epic blower and how they got the cahoneys to try it out.
Supercharging is a way to make a normal engine vastly more efficient by forcing more air down into the combustion chamber. Supercharging adds an average of 46% more horsepower and 31% more torque, according to HowStuffWorks. We can only imagine what this humungous supercharger is really capable of.
Mike hasn’t really been able to put the supercharger through its paces, simply because it’s too powerful. He says they tried blipping the throttle once with the blower attached - the car raised an inch in the air and both head gaskets blew!
The origin of the mega-blower is still unknown – Mike and his father found it in a scrapyard and couldn’t resist bolting it to the V8 of the first-generation Camaro they had lying around. This took a special order supercharger belt and custom-made intake manifolds, but for mad mechanics like Mike Christensen and his father, it’s all in a day’s work.
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