Don't miss these 10 must-see classic Fords in bright orange

If you have the coolest restored classic Ford in town, you want everyone to notice it. What better way than to spray it a bright orange color? You're sure to be turning heads wherever you go.
Arguably the Orange color works best on Ford's hot rods, street rods and muscle cars. To this end, we've compiled 10 of the best examples of Fords decked out in glorious orange. Check them out!
1956 Ford Orange Blossom Race Car
Classic Ford enthusiasts will covet the egg-crate grille features on this 1956 Ford Race Car - this is was the last year that the egg-crate design was used on the eight-cylinder, 4-speed manual Ford. A more rectangular front end replaced it the following year.
1965 Ford Mustang
This gorgeous first-generation Ford Mustang in Orange Crush with white racing stripes has a wood-grained steering wheel, 4-speed manual transmission, dual exhaust with manifolds and a powerful 4.7-liter engine.
1936 Ford Convertible Street Rod
This award-winning custom 1936 Ford Convertible Street Rod in Candy Tangerine has a carson top, 1940 Packard grille and a 1500-watt stereo for pumping out those classic 1930's tunes! According to American Automobiles, fewer than 6,000 Ford Convertibles were produced in 1936.
1950 Ford Mercury
Joe Wright has made extensive alterations to his 1950 Ford Mercury, most notably converting it to a hardtop, filling in the back doors to convert it from a four-door sedan to a two-door, and kitting it out in a 1953 Buick trim. Under the hood, you'll find a 1996 Camaro engine.
1936 Ford 5-Window Coupe
This 1936 Ford coupe has had one owner all its long life; Henry Locklar's father bought him the five-window car for driving to high school. Over 50 years later, the car now sports a Tangelo pearl color and hides a 350 Chevy engine under the hood.
1939 Ford Coup
This head-turning custom Ford brought to you by Trucks and Roadsters features an incredible 514-cubic-inch Ford engine that brings 630 horsepower to the table. The fitted automatic transmission has a  3500-RPM stall converter, and the ride height is adjustable through Air Ride Technology.
1937 Ford 5-Window Street Rod
This custom Ford Street Rod in Tango Orange shows us just how futuristic in style the 1930 Fords really were. The modder of this Street Rod has stated he's never even sat in this car never mind driven it, preferring to view it as a piece of car art.
1937 Ford 3-Window Highboy Coupe
Much work has gone into updating this 1937 Ford Highboy in Tangelo Orange. Another modded classic Ford with a Chevy 350 engine under the hood, the car is notable for its Ford 9-inch rear-end, 4-bar polished stainless rear suspension and Boss wheels (20-inch at the rear and 18-inch at the front.)
1981 Ford Mustang
1981 saw the introduction of the third generation of Ford Mustangs, with the Cobra available in 2.3-liter and 4.2-liter V8 variants. Out of the factory, the 3-speed automatic rear-wheel-drive Cobra could hit around 112 mph and go from 0-60 in around 12.5 seconds.
1956 Ford Convertible
Eagle-eyed enthusiasts might notice that this 1956 Ford 312 has a different orange hue to others on our list. The owner calls this color "Dreamsicle Orange" and it really helps to complement the added chrome details and pristine quality of this restored vehicle.
What did you think of these classics? Let us know in the comments, or post a picture of your favorite classic Ford.