Rare car showdown: '71 LS6 Corvette vs '68 Hemi Super Bee drag race

When two muscle cars line up on the strip, ready to have a quarter-mile battle, it is never more exciting than it is when two rare and powerful classics take the field against each other. Here’ a ‘71 LS6 Corvette and a ‘68 Hemi Super Bee get ready to duke it out before going head to head in a blisteringly fast duel.
Remember, in 1968, there were only 128 Super Bees with Hemis made altogether, so to find one out here on the track is a special treat. Lined up next to a 1971 Vette, of which only 188 were ever made; well, that is just plain sweet.
The 425-horsepower 426-Hemi-powered Super Bee sports factory dual quads, while the 1971 LS6 Corvette with its monster Corvette 454 has a factory solid lifter cam and aluminum heads. It too throws out 425 horsepower according to Corvette Action Center, so on paper, the race couldn’t be any closer.
The combined power of these two street kings can be felt when they pull to the line and rev their engines in tandem. When the green lights up, they put on a show that features speed, power and a race that will go down in the history books.
Tune into the event in the video below, and SHARE if you’re a fan of these race classic powerhouses.
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