See the biggest bulldozer in the world total a truck and house

Check out this video of the world’s largest bulldozer, the Komatsu D575A, in action. This machine is a behemoth. Just looking at it, you can see how it earns the title of “the largest operational crawler tractor in the world.”
According to Ritchie Bros, the D572A weighs over 142 tons and stands about 16’ tall. The heavy blade alone weighs over 22,000 lbs., is over 24 feet wide, and nearly 11 feet tall. This machine can exert a huge amount of force with little to no effort.
The D575A was produced by Komatsu Ltd. in Osaka Japan in 1991. It has been mostly used in surface mines in West Virginia, but you'll also find it in use in Australian mines. This superdozer gets its power from a 12-cylinder drawer-air-cooled turbo-loaded diesel engine.
In this video, we get a demonstration of how effortless it is for the superdozer to trample a full-sized truck, and then it goes after a mobile home. Let's hope these things never become sentient, or we'll have a real life Maximum Overdrive situation on our hands.
Still, makes me wish I had one of these to clean out my own backyard. Check out the monster machine in action in the video below, and SHARE if you're a fan of huge dozers.
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