Watch American muscle in action: Mustang Cobra chases motorbikes

Street bike drifting experts Nick "Apex" Brocha and Ernie Vigil may have finally met their match. In this thrilling street drifting video, brought to you by Icon Motosports, the two daredevils seem to have not a care in the world as they leave their rubber tracks all over the winding Oregon roads. 
That is, until they unwittingly find themselves pursued by the relentless “Officer” Brockett from the High Plains Police Department, a.k.a. Albuquerque drift legend Dan Brockett. He’s out to catch them at all costs, and he has the ultimate American muscle car to make him the modern-day Smokey that even the Bandit couldn’t shake.
While the antics of Apex and Vigil zipping along Mary Hill Loops Road on their Triumph Speed Triples motorcycles are more than impressive, this edited version of the original eight-minute drifting video concentrates on the awesome supercharged power of a custom 2004 Ford Mustang Cobra when the right driver is behind the wheel. 
According to Brockett's website, the 550-horsepower beast all decked out as a patrol car (“to swerve and protect”) has significant modifications from Car Crafters, Whelen, Guthrie Racing, Falken and Drift Exchange. Everything from the suspension to the radiators has been tweaked and upgraded. “How fast can you go in that thing?” Brockett is asked in the video. “As fast as I want,” he replies, before screeching off in hot pursuit of those pesky crotch rocketeers.
The video was filmed on location at Oregon Raceway Park, the City of Kent, Oregon, and Mary Hill Loops Road in Goldendale, Washington. Five cameras were used to shoot the video with the aid of a raft of modern gadgets, including a GoPro Hero, a Traxxas Slash VXL Ultimate remote-controlled car and an aerial drone from NW Aero Pix.
Watching Brockett effortlessly throw the Mustang Cobra around the corners is a joy for all car enthusiasts to behold. Check it out now!
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